Why Gz


GZ laser is one of the biggest suppliers of all kinds of laser equipment in China. We are mainly engaged in fiber laser cutting machine, laser welding machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, etc. GZ laser has more than seven years’ history, serving more than 60 countries all over the world.

GZ laser has quality control system and quality management team, and strictly adhere to the general standards of the industry and company guidelines. Implement quality monitoring from every aspect of R&D, production and after-sales of laser equipment, to ensure that each device can meet customer’s requirements and stable running at customers’ side.

Incoming Inspection

For every part of the machine, GZ Laser will strictly control the quality. We require suppliers to provide quality inspection reports, at the same time, strict quality monitoring will be carried out when the parts are in the factory.


Laser Source Test

The width, repetition frequency and peak power of the laser pulse are detected by using the photoelectric detectors and oscilloscope

Laser Head Test

Stability test and aging test for laser head

Square Track Detection

Testing the flatness and straightness of the track to ensure that the machine runs smoothly

Rack Detection

The precision and consistency between gear and rack are mainly tested

Motor / Reducer Performance Testing

we will adjust the suitability of the machine through continuous empty experiments

Process Control

The assembly process of the machine will also affect the stability of the machine while operating at customers’ side, therefore, in the process of machine assembly.


Gantry Milling

GZ Laser has its own gantry milling.

Guide Rack Mounting

The straightness of guide rack is guaranteed by using laser collimator.

Other Hardware Parts Installation

We install the motor reducer strictly according to standard production process and standard.

Machine Bed Welding

The bed frame is welding by 10mm thick and high strength square

Pre delivery Inspection

The machine will accept a number of quality testing, respectively, from the performance, stability, fitness, practical and other aspects of consideration, for non-compliance with the standard part of the arrangements for debugging and maintenance, to insure that the machine just reach its best condition before delivery.


The Whole Machine is fitted with a Blank Line Test

Ensure the cutting accuracy through laser interferometer checking and 24 hours testing to make sure the machine will be in the best condition.

Material Shearing Test

Before delivery, different metal materials will be cut, observing the cutting effect, and then do adjustment according to the needs, and this process lasts two weeks.

Machine packing

The multiple protective measures will be done for laser equipment during the packing process to ensure that each component is applicable for long distance cargo shipping.

Inspection Report

Every component of the machine, every performance, every parameter is carefully tested.