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Laser Beam Welding
January 10, 2019
GZ1530EL1 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine for both tube and plates cutting
January 16, 2019
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Metal Cutting

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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers

A fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers is used by companies and professionals to cut or trim down various forms of metals properly. Our machines are highly reliable and durable for organizations that belong to multiple industries.

Shanghai Guanzhi Industry Co. Ltd was established in 2011, and has risen to become one of the best laser cutting machine manufacturer in the world. Their fiber laser cutting machine products are phrased all around the world. To make sure that we can continue serving our clients with hi-tech and innovative solutions, we have established an R&D department that is dedicated and experienced. On the other hand, we have also organized a great support team that is available round the clock to serve all our clients

Our laser technology can be used to cut any type of metal. To ensure that all our products are of high quality, we have maintained an excellent quality assurance department. Our QA team is highly trained and qualified. They have set up a great system that has helped us in improving the quality of all our products and reduce the risk or error. Other than that, we only use quality components in our manufacturing process. Even though we only buy raw materials from leading industries, we have managed to serve our clients with competitive prices and value.

If you need any assistance in choosing the right product for your business, contact us today to speak with our representatives.

Best Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturer in China

The fiber laser cutting machine basically uses a laser to cut through metal. Our metal cutting formulate with high productivity, excellent bar quality, and high speed. We cover a whole range of cutting tasks in modern metal industries. For convenience, we use the most advanced thermal cutting equipment.

The metal cutting quality and cutting speed improve the outcome. By using different thermal cutting technologies for straight cutting, our machines are innovative; they can quickly adapt according to the structure requirements.

Our company is proficient enough to recommend a variety of tools and appropriate solutions to our clients, depending on the material thickness, cut quality and speed required.

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1 review for Metal Cutting

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    We are interested in purchasing your product and we sincerely hope to establish a long-term business relation with your esteemed company. Please inform me on information below !

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    Ms Peng Michael
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