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Laser Welding System

Laser Welding Services

Shanghai Guanzhi Industry Co., LTD have great Laser welding system that has high capabilities with a wide range that combines small, delicate and pre-fabricated parts that require welding close to the hardware, glass or ceramic sectors.

Laser welding is a verified strategy for a collection of the metals and its combinations. Although, this exceptionally advanced procedure is best for the specialists. In our company, we have effectively utilized our lasers for different welding approximations of carbon steels, treated steels, nickel combinations, and titanium compounds.

Laser-empowered welding, gives unmatched points of interest to complex and inadequate parts. We use the best laser welding machines to weld unique materials.

Laser Welding System

From model to the formation, we offer entirely modified tooling answers that suit your undertaking necessities. With no reliance on outsider sellers for the structure, building, and support of tooling, our organizations hold full oversight over the delivery process of your projects.

Our organization is honored to offer you a variety of laser welding services and also globally sale laser welding systems. With the expertise of our vast experience professionals in the field of development, manufacturing we assure our customers to be the best choice for your welding needs. Our laser welding systems go through an extensively tested process before beginning any procedure. Thus our customers are always assured that they will receive the best laser welding.

Our laser welding machines are used widely by our consumers. Either if you are looking for any professional services or want to buy our top-quality equipment, representatives are always available for your assistance.


Technical Parameters

Model No. GZ-500CW
Max. laser power 500W
Laser working medium Rare earth fiber
Laser operating mode Continuous wave
Laser wavelength 1080nm ±5nm
Optical output quantity 1 path
Total power consumption <2.5kw
Welding depth of stainless steel Max 1.5mm
Welding depth of aluminum —-
Positioning Red light
  Power input AC220V ±10%/single
Cooling type Built-in Water cooling and external chiller
Fiber type D80
   Fiber length  10m
Fiber diameter 50um


Fiber Laser Welding Machine Advantages

  • Miniaturization, Precision, High Integration
  • High Stability, Free Adjustment, Free Maintenance
  • More than 20% electro-optical efficiency
  • Excellent beam quality

Fiber Laser Welding Machine Features

  • Uniform distribution of welding facula energy and the optimum facula required for the welding.
  • Applicable to various complex welding, such as all kinds of devices and seam welding of thin plate
  • Ceramic condenser chamber which is corrosion resistance, hi – temperature resistance and has long life.
  • Customized automation fixture to achieve the mass production of products.

Fiber Laser Welding Machine Applicable Materials

Laser welding machine system is suitable for the welding on titanium, nickel, tin, zinc, copper, aluminum,chrome, niobium, gold, silver, and their alloy. It is suitble for welding same materials like steel, kovar alloy, and different materials like copper – nickel, nickel – titanium, brass – copper, low carbon steel, and copper.

Fiber Laser Welding Machine Samples


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