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October 3, 2018
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Electronic Brake Laser Welding

Application Description                                           

All kinds of plastic products   


Electronic Brake Laser Welding

Abstract: Electronic brake welding system, Productivity/efficiency≥5PPM.


  1. Application Description    

All kinds of plastic products   
Bursting pressure ≥6bar
Leakage pressure ≥ 4 bar
Destruction torque ≥ 4N·M
Superior rate ≥99%

  1. Technology

1. During plastic welding the unsynchronized collapse results in substandard air impermeability.

Tips 1: Design special fixture and use quasi-synchronous welding, so that the entire trajectory is uniformly heated and collapsed simultaneously.
Tips 2: Use collapse automatic control technology to ensure welding quality and product size.

  1. Feature
  2. Rotating double position design to improve efficiency;
    2.Increasing safety light curtains to improve safety;
    3.Use laser diode for welding, with small size, long life, good welding quality.


  1. System Including

This electronic brake laser welding system includes laser welding machine, workstation, etc.


  1. Parameters
Dimension 1200(L)*1300(W)*2050(H)mm
Repeat Accuracy(XYZ) ±0.05mm
Failure Rate ≤2%



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