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Cylinder Gasket Laser Welding

Application Description

Auto parts such as cylinder gasket and others.


Cylinder Gasket Laser Welding

Abstract: Cylinder gasket welding system, Welding speed: 70mm/s.


  1. Application Description

Auto parts such as cylinder gasket and others.
The welding point is smooth and color is symmetrical.
No damage or influence on the rest of the components during welding.
After the welding deformation of the product should be less than 5mm.
Superior rate ≥99%
Welding speed: 70mm/s
Small deformation


  1. Technology

1. The cylinder gasket is only 0.55mm need to achieve automatic uploading and unloading;

  1. The cylinder gasket is round need to the fixture design does not affect the entire round of welding (without interruption);
  2. Welding deformation control within 5mm.


Tips 1: Use suction tray and servo transmission mechanism to achieve the pick-and-place cylinder gasket, using double material inspection to confirm that the pick-up is a single piece;

Tips 2: Use circular heavy parts to press cylinder gasket, and other mechanisms are withdrawn during welding to allow the welding space;

Tips 3: Fixtures are clamped in the circular weld seam, at the meanwhile adjust welding technology parameter to reduce heat input.


  1. Features
  2. The uploading reminder system, it will remind operator to upload product when finish welding;
  3. The control system not only can control the components of laser welding machine switch, laser output, protective air, but also functions of interlocking, alarm, and failure display;
  4. The control system has maintenance testing and self-diagnosis programs; it has the function of displaying the type of fault;
  5. Use four position turntable, automatic uploading and unloading, which can achieve high production efficiency and small work site;
  6. Double material inspection to detect accurate feeding;
  7. Use scanner for high speeding welding.


  1. System Including

This cylinder gasket laser welding system includes laser welding machine, chiller, smoke purifier, workstation, scanner, protective room, monitor, etc.


  1. Parameters
Dimension 4800(L)*3100(W)*2500(H)mm
Linear module positioning 100-800mm
Repeat Accuracy(XYZ) ±0.02mm
Productivity/Efficiency  12S/PC



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