What Is the Process of Metal Cutting Machine and Laser Welding
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What Is the Process of Metal Cutting Machine and Laser Welding

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A metal cutting machine is a tool that is used in a process to discard excess material, present in a metal’s block in the shape of small chips. The metal cutting machine can also be described as a hardware tool used to cut metals, for example, steels (alloy and stainless).

This machine is used for the process of metal shaping such as ships, lifts, embellishment etc. In the case of getting maximum productivity and producing high-quality fiber laser suppliers and laser metal cutting machines comes handy.

Laser metal shaper is also used synonymously for laser metal cutting machine.

Prerequisite Environment For Metal Cutting

Below are the conditions required for a successful metal cutting process:

01: Material for a tool which is under usage must be in a harder form as compared to work material.

02: Fixtures and jigs must hold the device and work with a tight grip

03: Edges of the cutting tool must be sharp

04: Relative speed for cutting

05: Primary as well as secondary motion


One of the most popular or daily-use cutting process is ‘turning’. In this process, cylindrical shape is developed through a metal cutting machine. During the process, the piece of work is revolved, and the additional material gets removed by the cutting tool.

‘Drilling’ is also a typical process for metal cutting. Through this process, a round hole is being created. Minimum two cutting edges are present in the cutting tool for this process.

Bring, cutting-off and milling are also some of the most common processes for metal cutting.

Laser Welding

There are numerous laser welding machine manufacturers around the world, giving services of laser welding. The laser welding process is used predominantly for joining parts, which require welding with high speed and low heat distortion.

To join pieces of thermoplastics, laser welding machines are used. The beam of the laser gives a source of heat to the metal or part of it where joining is required. A laser beam with a continuous time can be required in some cases — for example, deep welds.

For industrial manufacturing in the modern world, below are factors that make laser welding a superior joining technique:

01: Speedy welding

02: Online quality control

03: Automatic operation

Wrapping up

For the above adjectives, laser welding machine manufacturers prefer this welding method. The laser welding technology ranges from the medical field to jewelry cutting to the automobile sector. The automotive industry is a big beneficiary of laser welding machine.

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