Combatting Poor Cutting Quality Of A Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
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June 14, 2019
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Combatting Poor Cutting Quality Of A Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Manufacturers

A machine which uses fiber laser generator as the optical source for the cutting method is known as the fiber laser cutting machine. It is important to invest in the reliable fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers for smooth operations. Fiber laser is a relatively new kind of beam introduced to the world.

It is actually a high-density laser beam which emphases on the surface of the work-piece. The area which is illuminated by the ultra-fine focal spot is melted and vaporized through this beam. The focal spot is controlled by the numerical mechanical system in order to gain high precision and speed automatic cutting. It is crucial that the fiber laser manufacturer takes care of the quality as the quality of laser is directly related to the precision of cutting.

However, beginners may face certain problems and may encounter poor cutting quality. The key is to learn how to adjust the machine for different parameters. You would need to conduct a general inspection of the machine. The main inspection orders are as follows:

Nozzle Inspection

Check the size and model of the nozzle. If both are correct, then check the cutting nozzle as it may be damaged. You also need to make sure that the roundness of the nozzle is wrong.

Protective Lens

The protective lens must be clean and free of water, slag, and oil. The weather and the cold auxiliary air sometimes fogged the lens so, it is advised to take these factors into account too.

Cutting Height

The recommended height is 0.8-1.2mm. Calibration is required if the cutting height is not accurate.

Focal Point

Focal point needs to be set correctly. It is important to check the focus, whether it is correct or not in the auto-focusing cutting head.

Optical Center

The diameter of 1.0mm is required for a cutting torch for optical inspection; this is the recommended diameter. The focus should preferably be between -1 and 1mm when checking the optical center. The produced light spot is small and easy to be observed.

Once these five items are tested and corrected, the parameters can be modified according to the effect of cutting. The experienced laser cutting machine manufacturer knows that cutting quality is crucial for productivity, and the business heavily depends on it.

It all melts down to one thing, and that is the quality. You should never compromise on the class if you want your business to thrive.

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