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Can a Fiber Laser Welding System Engrave Wood

engrave wood

In case you’re searching for an impactful innovation that can be utilized to make spotless, quick, high-contrast permanent imprints for identification, fiber laser engraving machines are the best approach. Their peak force and superior beam quality of laser welding system make them perfect answers for engraving and marking on a wide range of materials.

Their flexibility and different advantages are the reason fiber lasers are utilized across industries, from automobile and aviation to gadgets and medical machines production.

In any case, can a fiber laser engrave wood?

You might need to extend the utilization of your fiber laser and “get your cash’s worth” by utilizing it to engrave wood. On the other hand, you are searching for a modern answer to embed your wooden product. In any case, you need to discover the most ideally-equipped machine for the task at hand. However, avoid using a fiber laser to mark or engrave wood. It can pose a severe fire hazard.

To avert hazard, modern technology helps. There are numerous approaches to securely utilize lasers to imprint – or even cut or weld – materials, which we will talk about later in this blog. In any case, no fiber laser provider suggests utilizing a fiber laser for wood-based applications.

Here are two reasons why not to use fiber laser for engraving purposes:

1 – Utilizing a fiber laser on wood is mandatorily similar to beginning a campfire.

The 1064nm wavelength of a fiber laser transmits partially through natural structures (like wood) in light of its shorter wavelength. However, when the shaft goes into the wood, its absorption cannot be controlled. Changes in the wood material cause this response. Heat develops, and ultimately the wood will ignite.

This makes a very hazardous circumstance. The fire will spread rapidly with the wood going about as fuel for the extreme heat.

2 – Fiber lasers make poor imprints on wood.

The objective of any engraving or marking project is to make a legible imprint, either by human or machine. Uncontrolled assimilation, however, result in an unchecked mark on the wood. This imprint looks lopsided, with guaranteed spots charred and others barely recognizable.

Fiber lasers

What is the best method for a laser to engrave?

There is another kind of industrial laser engraving equipment that can be an invaluable tool to engrave wooden products of fiber laser suppliers.

A CO2 laser marking device will successfully engrave wood – without causing a fire.

The advantages of utilizing a CO2 laser checking machine include:

  • Spotless and controlled blemishes on natural materials, free from campfires and charring
  • Conservative and financially savvy, making them pertinent solutions for organizations redesigning from inkjet or labeling part identification methods
  • Ability to create quality imprints at high speeds, helping to save costs and improve cycle duration.

Wrap Up

A large number of customers have utilized the CO2 laser to effectively include marking imprints or traceability data to their wooden items, including weapon stocks, floorboards, beds, barrels, and furniture.

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