Aluminum Laser Welding Process as Against Steel Laser Welding
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August 16, 2019
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Aluminum Laser Welding Process as Against Steel Laser Welding

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We believe that steel is the most common construction material. Therefore, every welder gets training in steel welding. However, as per the job demand, you may require aluminum welding too. Although the process is similar, aluminum welding is a bit tricky, and metal needed to be treated differently as the aluminum possess different attributes. The metal is utilized by laser welding machine manufacturers, due to its desirable characteristics such as corrosion resistance, versatility in casting and extruding, high strength, light in weight and superior recycling abilities. Welding with aluminum as compared to steel welding have problems such as incomplete fusion at the start of the process, feed ability, and crater formation at the end of the welding process.

Feed Capability

Non-stop spooled welding wire supply is a challenge and a real issue in aluminum welding in contrast to steel welding. The problem is basically because of the materials’ mechanical characteristics. The steel wire which are rigged can easily be fed over the farthest distance. While the sot aluminum gets shaved or deformed during the operation and requires more attention in the process selection for the avoidance of uneven burn back or wire feeding.

The spool end should be incorporated with brake setting with pressure for free-wheeling when stopping welding. The metallic outlet and inlet guide together with liners for steel welding is not fruitful for the aluminum. Nylon is utilized for the prevention of shaving and abrasion of the aluminum wire. The drive rolls developed in U-type alongside an aligned, smooth and chamfered edge with corrective pressure. The contact tips are structured explicitly for aluminum welding where internal bores are sharp for the shaving of soft aluminum alloy. The specific push-pull feeder develops and improves the wire’s feeding system for the free feed capability.

Crater Filling

The thermal expansion that is twice of steel and solidification reduction, which is 6 per cent of volume might lead to distortion as well as crater formation right at weld zone. The craters are generally severe defects, and every welder is required to perform crater free welding. The power source are designed having built-in cavity fill property to make crater-free welding a possibility. It subtly terminates the welding through decreasing current over a set period of time. fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers enable the user to adjust the favorable discontinuation to avert the crater formation.

Wrap Up

Aluminum has six times better thermal conductivity than steel. Therefore, aluminum welding is generally preferred over steel welding.

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