Applications and Advantages of Hybrid Laser Arc Welding
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July 9, 2019
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Applications and Advantages of Hybrid Laser Arc Welding

Laser welding machine manufacturers offer a method whereby deep penetration laser and arc laser welding are used simultaneously in the same process. The beam regardless of the laser source (Yb fiber, diode, CO2, etc.) can be joined with any arc welding process (plasma, SAW, TIG MAG, and MIG, etc.). Although laser-TIG and hybrid laser are arguably the most popular combinations. As a result, if this, this hybrid method has the exclusive benefits of both arc and laser welding combined.

Hybrid laser arc welding method provide various applications. The reason is, consumables of arc weld can be used, providing a degree of control over weld properties and quality more than that of laser welds.

Hybrid welding is either in consideration or already in use by numerous industries in various applications. Some of the sectors using hybrid welding are identified below:

Road Transport

High speed of hybrid welding is lucrative to the productions of high volume such as the automotive industry. Part fit-up tolerance of hybrid is more than that of laser welding.

Ship Building

Conventional welding method approximately consumes 20 to 30 percent of overall manufacturing costs. Therefore, hybrid arc welding is effective, as it minimizes the costs associated with distortion, correction, and reworks.

Rail Transport

Just like shipbuilding, least distortion which can result from hybrid seam welding when it comes to minimizing fabrication costs.

Advantages of Hybrid Laser Arc Welding

Some significant advantages linked with hybrid laser arc welding are identified as under:

Enhanced welding speed: Increase in rate depends upon the usage of laser source and stuff being welded. However, speeds up to 5 meters or 5 minutes is possible in thinner portions. The increase in welding speed and penetration depth are particularly crucial as the overall heat input is reduced. Reduction in heat input helps to minimize welding distortion, streamlines the long seam welds between attachments, plates, box sections, plates, etc.

Better Weld Quality: Hot cracking can be averted, and reduction in internal porosity content is possible, with regards to laser welds.

Enhanced depth in single pass penetration: Single-pass penetration is controlled through the choice of usage of welding and laser parameters. However, single-pass penetration can be achieved between 6 to 12mm via high power lasers.

Wrap Up

Various sectors prefer fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers. Therefore, laser welding machine suppliers are facing demand pressure concerning surface engineering, cutting, and direct parts fabrication projects.


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