About Us

About Shanghai Guanzhi Industry Co.,Ltd

established in year 2011, is specialized in laser equipment with variable sizes and models, such as fiber laser cutting machines and laser welding machines

Our strength is to offer one stop solution for metal and non-metal processing industry with our independent R&D team and professional after sale team. We have been keeping introducing the domestic as well as the overseas advanced laser technique and applications all these years. Nowadays we have been successfully in providing the OEM/ODM services to our worldwide distributors and agents. What's more, besides the direct after-sales service from us, the technical personnel from some different countries and areas who have received good technology training from us are supporting clients' after-sales service with the local languages as well.

Products Category Instructions

Fiber Laser Cutting machine

Laser Welding Machine

High Configuration Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

a. F series (Open type)
b. T series (with exchange table)
c. FG/HP/HS series (with housing and exchange table)

2nd Generation Fiber Laser Cutting Machine including:

a. Open type models, whose exchange table can be added as optional:
GZ1325A, GZ1325AC, GZ1325B, GZ1530C, GZ1530L, GZ1530H, GZ1530E, GZ1530EL, GZ1530EC
b. With housing and exchange table models
GZ1530CG, GZ1530CH, GZ1530HG

Tube Cutting Fiber Laser Machine

a.High configuration tube and plate cutting:Model no.: GZ1530F1/F2 and GZ1540F1/F2
b.2nd Generation tube and plate cutting:Model no.: GZ1530C1 and GZ1530CG1
c.Tube cutting machine:Model no.: GZ60T1 and GZ60T2

High Precision Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Model no.: GZ6040F, GZ1390F
• YAG laser welding machine, including models GZ-8W, GZ-15W, GZ-25W, GZ-50W, GZ-75W, GZ-150W, GZ-300W, GZ-400W, GZ-500W, GZ-600W

• QCW fiber laser welding machine, including GZ-150QCW, GZ-300QCW.

• CW fiber laser welding machine, including models GZ-500CW, GZ-1000CW, GZ-2000CW, GZ-3000CW, GZ-4000CW. • Handheld laser gun

• Mold repair welding machine: GZ-MR-7


Limited Warranty & RMA Service Policy

Terms of Limited Warranty Coverage

We warrants the products to be free from defects under normal use and service for the original purchaser. The warranty period starts from the date of shipment. All service returns must be received by us on or before the warranty expiration date.

We Offer

1-1. We offer one year limited warranty for all standard products.
1-2. Void of products warranty
  • Products physical damaged due to user abused or improper handling
  • Attempt to repair or rework the product without consent by us
Deface or remove the serial number

RMA Return and Warranty Service procedure

All service return must first obtain a valid RMA number before sending for service. A RMA number is valid for 30 days from the date of RMA number issued. Service items must be received by us with the valid RMA number and within warranty period.

Steps of Return process

  • Complete RMA Request From and send it to your sales rep. With a copy of purchase invoice. A RMA number will be issued for your return within 24 business hours if there is no any question with your request.
  • Attempt to repair or rework the product without consent by us.
    • Enclose one copy of our RMA Request Form with the valid RMA number.
    • Enclose one copy of our RMA Request Form with the valid RMA number Proper pack and ship your return products, and pay all freight for the returns. We will not be responsible for any package damaged in shipping from customers. Any damage caused by the improper packing will result to void the warranty of products.

Repair and Replacement process

It is our sole decision to repair or replace the defective products for customers. We will first obtain the customer approval for the parts substitution if necessary. We reserve the right to substitute an equivalent product if the service products are not able to be repaired or not available for replacement.

Shipping charges for service products

One way, one side. Customers pay freight for returns while we pay one way for sending back after repair or replacement
The policy is applied for the merchandises sold world widely.